QR Codes, PURLs & GURLs

Bring mobile into your marketing and track your efforts with QR codes, PURLs and GURLs.

QR Codes
 Engage tech-savvy consumers with Quick Response (QR) codes. QR codes can store information to be scanned by consumers' smartphones. They can be included on printed pieces to link to your company website, phone number, or other information. Used in conjunction with PURLs and GURLs, QR codes can create tracking abilities for your direct mail.

General URLs (GURLs) are a great way to gather information about an audience. GURLs allow you to track the number of people visiting your site, see what pages are commonly viewed, and can even lead the consumer to a survey or form to gather even more information.

Personalized URLs (PURLs) can be used to track each individual piece sent out to your target audience. Since each PURL is unique, they can be tracked separately to see which pieces were successful in generating interest in your audience, who visited your site, which pages they viewed, and whether or not that visit resulted in a completed task (registration, purchase, etc.).