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6 Steps to Get New Members

Download: 5 Steps to Get New MembersPick and choose your marketing materials and the elements to include on each of them. A representative will contact you after reviewing your submission to talk to you about pricing. If you’d like something outside of what is offered on this page, please note so in the comment box at the end.

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1 Create brand recognition and get your name in their minds.
Promotional products get your brand in the hands of a member or prospect. They are a great way to keep your name in the forefront of their minds.
Water bottles with your club’s logo, Qty.:
Notepads with your club’s logo, Qty.:
T-Shirts with your club’s logo, Qty.:
2 Generate leads.

Lead boxes are not only good for generating leads for your club, they also give you the opportunity to create relationships with businesses in your community.

Lead Boxes, Qty:
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3 Have information available 24/7 and track the success of your marketing efforts.

Call forwarding gives you the ability to record incoming calls, have information readily available to members and prospects with an informational phone tree and can also be used to track the success of your marketing efforts.

Toll-Free 800 Number with online account manager
4 Provide all the information they need.

Print items put all the information a potential member will want or need in one easy location. With a little creativity, the possibilities of what you can create to gain attemtion are virtually limitless.

Door hangers, Qty:
  GURL/Landing Page [?]
Call Forwarding
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Trifold Informational Brochure, Qty:
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Corporate Wellness Brochure, Qty:
  Self-Mailer? [?] Yes No
Postage & Mailing Services
Purchased Mailing List
Trial Passes, Qty:
  “2 Weeks Free” Offer
“1 Month Free” Offer
“1 Month Free for You + Friend” Offer
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5 Reach your target audience and give them an opportunity to try out your club.

Direct mail is a great way to get a high response rate by putting something tangible in the hands of your target audience to elicit immediate action or drive them to digital media.

6x9 full-color Postcards, Qty:
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6 Send us the information.

A representative will contact you after reviewing the information you submit to talk about pricing.

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