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6 Steps to Retain Members

Download: 5 Steps to Retain MembersPick and choose your marketing materials and the elements to include on each of them. A representative will contact you after reviewing your submission to talk to you about pricing. If you’d like something outside of what is offered on this page, please note so in the comment box at the end.

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1 Establish expertise and constant communication with email newsletters.
Having constant communication with your members can help you establish expertise, remind members of their commitment, push premium services and get more members to special events.
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2 Create a loyalty program by mailing members special offers and upgrades.

Let members know their membership is appreciated by sending them special offers and upgrades. This is also a great way to get them to try out premium services that they may decide to incorporate into their regular routines.

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3 Make the area more attractive and remind current members of your offerings.

Have your signage designed to match your brand and create an inviting atmosphere to encourage members to visit more often and stay longer. Sinage can also be used to remind members of your premium services and other offerings.

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4 Keep your brand in their hands.

Promotional products can be given to members as a “thank you” for their loyalty or made available for purchase at your club or on a special online storefront.

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5 Have information available to your members 24/7.

Call forwarding gives you the ability to record incoming calls, have information readily available to members and prospects with an informational phone tree and can also be used to track the success of your marketing efforts.

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