Email Blasts

Achieve top-of-mind awareness with your clients.

Email blasts (eBlasts) are a cost-effective way to enhance other forms of promotion quickly and with tracking abilities.

  • Reinforce your messages
  • Establish your expertise with professional newsletters
  • Boost client retention
  • Get immediate response and action
  • Stimulate client referrals
  • Reactivate lost clients

HTML-Based Email Setup
Many believe that creating a jpeg image or PDF file as their email template is the most effective way to reach their consumers. However, most email applications (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) have images turned off by default, requiring the receiver to hit a button to "show images," most likely getting the email deleted before any content is seen. PDF files must be attached to an email; since attachments are how viruses are spread, consumers are very unlikely to open an attachment sent to them.

HTML-based emails give marketers the ability to have text headers to grab the consumer's attention, while still having the ability to stylize an attractive message. They have a smaller file size than jpeg and PDF emails, and are compatible with reading assist and mobile devices.

When you send an eBlast through Partners Marketing, we give you reports with tons of data to track how well your eBlast worked. This data includes:

  • Messages opened/unopened
  • Bounced
  • Click Rate
  • Times Forwarded
  • Forwarded Opens
  • Complaints
  • and much more!

You can track the success of your message even more by using PURLs & GURLs. With PURLs & GURLs, you can not only gather information about your audience, but also track how many clicks your links get, follow them through your site and see which pages they visited, and whether or not that visit resulted in a completed task (registration, purchase, etc.).